com·pe·ti·tion [ kòmpə tísh’n ]

1. Process of trying to beat others:  the process of trying to win or do better than others

2. Contest: an activity in which people try to win something or do better than others

3. Opposition: the opposition in a competitive situation, or the level of opposition.

By definition alone you have what the HD team stands for. Our preparation and motivation are what separate us from our opposition. Whether it is a street fair or a national BBQ competition, we view all vendors and participants as opposition and compete to be the best team on site at days end. Our BBQ competition team has confidence that borders arrogance. We go into each and every competition with the expectation to win. Whether it is BBQ or tic tac toe, if there is a trophy and a check at the end, the HD team is giving it their all. The bigger the event the bigger the expectations, we like to battle against the best to push our own ability to a greater level. Within a short period of time, the HD team has put up some impressive results.