Traeger Grill


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Achieve Professional-Quality BBQ with Every Recipe

The Traeger® pellet grill and smoker is one of the most versatile and convenient cookers on the market, and award-winning pitmaster Ed Randolph will show you all the incredible dishes you can make with it.

With a Traeger® grill, you don’t have to stand over a fire and babysit―you get consistent temperature for consistent results. Use the smoker for delicious meats such as Beer Can Chicken and slow-smoking Maple-Bourbon Pork Belly, or the grill for Juicy Brined Chicken Breast and Stuffed Belly Burgers. Once you’ve mastered those functions, don’t forget to bake standout meals like Candied Maple Bacon, Cuban-Style Pork Shoulder or Chicken Skin Cracklings.

When you have a world-class cooker and an expert pitmaster, all of your BBQ dreams become a reality.